Vegan Permaculture

Mention the words ‘vegan permaculture’ and you’re bound to get a mixed reaction. For many, the idea that permaculture principles can be applied without the use of animals just doesn’t sit right. Yet a growing number of people are combining the two, and .nd that the principles align beautifully to create a system that is modern yet sustainable.

Vegan permaculture is built on the desire to live a lifestyle that improves the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the planet. In the Vegan Book of Permaculture: Recipes for Healthy Eating and Earthright Living (Permanent Publications 2014), Graham Burnett describes permaculture as ‘a useful framework for positive action whatever our lifestyle choices’. When the permaculture ethic of fair share is extended to include animals, a choice is made to seek alternatives to commonly produced animal products; vegans also phase out consumables considered as by-products of animal-based food sources. It’s an empowering small and slow solution.