Letters To The Editor

I was lucky enough to discover you through a friend, after she received a subscription to Pip Magazine for a Christmas present. Although initially jealous (she wasn’t much of a gardener), it has been miraculous to watch her transformation. Now she’s the keeper of flourishing beehives.

The article I want to express my gratitude for is A bountiful garden all year round (issue 15), particularly succession planting and stacking in time. Although aware of the idea of these principles, I always thought they belonged more in an orchard setting.

But thanks to the article I’ve had my eureka moment and now, instead of waiting for precious garden real estate to become available while my seedlings outgrow their trays, I will nestle them in under the bigger guys ready to complete their lifecycle. This helps give them protection from the harsh summer sun and prevents the soil washing out after storms, or from an enthusiastic threeyear- old child wielding a hose.