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Pure earth giveaway

Subscriber giveaway -All subscribers can enter the draw to WIN a year’s supply of Pure Earth hair, body and skincare products valued at over $800.

Pure Earth is giving away a year’s supply of Australian made and eco-friendly personal care items. Spread across four deliveries over a 12-month period. The prize includes five bottles of shampoo and conditioner, six bottles of body wash and six bottles of hand soap, as well as two bottles each of facial serum and facial oil – all meticulously crafted with botanical extracts and essential oils to nourish your hair, body and skin.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Pure Earth products avoid harmful ingredients and plastic packaging. All bottles are plastic-free and can be returned and refilled.

*Entries to this subscriber giveaway close 31 July 2024. Drawn 1 August 2024. Only open to Australian residents with a current Pip Magazine print or digital subscription.  

ENTER THE DRAW TO WIN AN Urban Revolution Gardener’s Tool Kit valued at over $450.

gardener's tool set

February Issue Subscriber Giveaway – Urban Revolution Gardener’s Tool Kit valued at over $450.

This pack of high quality garden goodies includes half a dozen of Urban Revolution’s most popular garden tools – Traditional Hori Hori Stainless Steel Soil Knife, Japanese Sickle – Nisaku 150, Wooden Handled Secateurs by Burgon & Ball, Stainless Steel Transplanter Trowel, Aussie Hand Made Ho-Mi, Aussie Hand Made Fork and Cultivator, as well as an eight-function spray nozzle, open-pollinated heirloom seeds, a fruit picker, a handmade timber seedling tray, a roll of compostable webbing and more!

*Entries to this subscriber giveaway close 30 April 2024. Drawn 1 May 2024. 

Only open to Australian residents with a current Pip Magazine print or digital subscription.     

Le Creuset Baker's Oven

November Issue Subscriber Giveaway – Le Creuset Baker’s Oven valued at $540.

Winner Announced – 1/2/24

Subscribe to Pip Magazine and enter the draw by filling out the form below to win the Le Creuset Baker’s Oven 

*Entries to this subscriber giveaway close 31 January 2024. Drawn 1 February 2024. 

Only open to Australian residents with a current Pip Magazine print or digital subscription.     

August Issue Subscriber Giveaway – SUBPOD MODBED BUNDLE valued at over $800.

Winner Announced – Congratulations Jodie Rainer from Goornong in Victoria.

Unique Firepits giveaway Pip Magazine


Winner Announced – Congratulations Neroli Jones from Gugubarra in Lorne, NSW

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing Unique Fire Pit we won via the outstanding Pip Magazine recently!  
Having sprained my ankle very badly and being forced to keep still for a spell, I was catching up on my reading and researching all things Spring in my issue library of Pip magazine when it occurred to me that my son would love this fantastic magazine too.  Wanting to share such goodness, I subscribed as a surprise for him and as I did, saw the gorgeous fire pit featured on the subscription page.  Oh how I lusted after one!
Soon after entering, I  received that call from you Robyn to confirm I’d won.  Well didn’t that just make having to keep still worthwhile!?
It’s utterly gorgeous and has had many, many uses already – situated as it is in the yard near our kitchen on our 41 acre property in the mid north coast region of New South Wales…
Oh, and my son LOVES Pip and we’re both so grateful for the resource of such a fantastic magazine – thank you and keep up the awesome work!

With a handcrafted fire pit by Australian company Unique Fire Pits, you could be spending this winter warming yourself and your loved ones by a crackling fire. It’s completely maintenance free and the added barbecue grate means you can create flavoursome wood-fired meals the whole family will love.

Pip Magazine Weleda Skincare Pack Giveaway


Winners Announced!

Congratulations Anne-Marie Tonks from Howard Springs, NT &

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am literally pinching myself!  I don’t really ever seem to get “that” lucky but woo hoo I am absolutely doing a huge happy dance this end …Thank you so very much, that absolutely made my Friday and totally made me smile. – Anne-Marie

The Skincare Favorites Packs include some of Weleda’s most loved skincare products. 

Subscriber Giveaway Winners

Winner of the Leitner Ebike at Pip Magazine Feb 2023


Winner Announced!

Congratulations Erin Bould from Lucknow, Vic

“It was exciting, I never win anything. I’m very grateful and looking forward to spending some great weekends exploring my area.
Thank you Pip Magazine! – Erin

Leitner have an award winning range of electric bikes for transport, travel & trails. Find out more.

Compost Revolution Greenhouse

Winner Announced!

Congratulations Amanda, Tas

I am completely blown away and to be honest on the verge of so many happy tears. I have really loved gardening as, like so many of your readers, I find it really good for my mental health. This greenhouse has literally made my year because it means I’ll be able to start growing veggies at my new house sooner than I thought was possible. Thank you so much! – Amanda

Thanks to Compost Revolution and all our wonderful Pip subscribers.

Vegepod Winner Announced

Thanks to all who entered the Vegepod garden bed giveaway.

There were hundreds of entrants from all around the country.

Congratulations Kylie G!

Kylie kindly gifted one to her mum who finds the raised bed much easier to access.

Thanks to Vege Pod and all our wonderful Pip subscribers.

Kylie kindly gifted one to her sister who has been dealing with chronic illness.

Thanks to Vege Pod and all our wonderful Pip subscribers.