Book Reviews

This practical manual by Elizabeth Haywood is a great introduction to the world of zero-waste sewing. Zero-waste sewing is making clothes without wasting any fabric. The pattern pieces are designed to completely fit within the dimensions of the fabric; there are no offcuts and no waste. It’s an inherent practise for traditional clothing where fabric was hand-loomed and precious, such as kimonos, sarongs, kilts, ponchos and saris.

This book lays out clear step-by-step instructions and patterns to make your own zero-waste garments. Each piece is unique and echoes traditional designs. From tops, dresses, jackets and pants, you’ll find something that suits your style. If you’re dipping your toe into zero-waste sewing, creating a slow wardrobe for yourself or just looking for a new sewing adventure, there’s plenty in this book to try, inspire, wear and enjoy.