Permaculture Plant: Globe Artichoke

Striking, hardy and delicious, globe artichokes fill many roles in any permaculture-savvy garden. Once established, they survive with minimal attention and create a silvery-green focal point in all food gardens. They make an excellent hedge or windbreak planted close together and provide a unique and pleasing addition to the spring and summer table.

The globe artichoke, a member of the asteraceae family, is actually a thistle. If you see one in bloom it will be obvious because the flower head looks like a super-sized thistle head! Originating in the Mediterranean, they grow well in warm, dry climates. They are a perfect plant to fill a hot, sunny corner of the garden and will grow well with a regular deep soaking of water to help them become established. Just allow them plenty of space as they mature up to 1 m wide and 1.5 m tall.