International Projects

Mexico’s first permaculture ecovillage, Huehuecoyotl was set up on 15 acres some 40 years ago by a group of artists, musicians, teachers, permaculturalists and green architects. The founders were part of a travelling group of actors called the Illuminated Elephants who were looking to put down some roots, and so created a beautiful space brimming with creative energy. The name Huehuecoyotl is inspired very aptly by the Aztec god of music, poetry, theatre and dance.

The ecovillage is located in Tepoztlán, in the hills just an hour south of Mexico City. it is part of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and home to the revolutionary Gaia University. Currently host to 20 residents, Huehuecoyotl is open to more, features 14 natural homes, a large theatre and communal house, a shared kitchen, permaculture gardens and edible forest, waste water management, biofilters and guest rooms. When it’s possible to travel again, Huehuecoyotl warmly welcomes visitors.