Irish Strawberry Tree

The Irish strawberry tree (Arbutus Unedo) is named for the plant’s prevalence in Ireland, although it grows across much of Europe, and the resemblance of its fruit to (you guessed it) strawberries. A member of the heath family, along with blueberries, the Irish strawberry tree has been culturally and historically important in many European growing regions.

The scientific name, Arbutus unedo, references Pliny the Elder, and is commonly thought to refer to the fact the fruit is not as delicious as a strawberry (unedo is a contraction of Pliny’s ‘unam tantum edo’, translated as, ‘I only eat one’). Don’t let the name put you off – the fruit are quite palatable and very fuss-free to grow.


These medium-sized evergreen trees are long-lived, grow well in a wide variety of soils and will tolerate the extremes of drought and frost; although variable weather can impact on successful fruiting. Sweet, nodding,