Local Travel: Here To Stay

In the midst of a pandemic and a rapidly changing climate, holidaying might not spring to mind as a positive or necessary activity. But getting away can have profound benefits to your mental health and, viewed with a different perspective, it’s far easier – and closer – than you think.

Despite early predictions the technological revolution would lead to an increase in leisure time, things in the western world haven’t exactly gone to plan. Back in 1930, John Keynes, one of the founders of modern economics, predicted five-day weekends would exist by 2030. Nine years out from that date, we are working more than ever. In fact, economist Juliet Schor estimates pre-industrial workers had more time off than modern workers do now. She hypothesises they had anywhere from eight weeks to six months off work annually – though being a medieval peasant wasn’t all holiday selfies. Regardless, it’s fair to say our modern lifestyle hasn’t lived up to expectations and our addiction to work comes at a cost.