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When a crises turns the world upside down, a garden can be a place of rest and healing – a place to remake your life. Grounded shares Liz Zorab’s personal story of courage and transformation alongside that of her small but abundant homestead in South West Wales, UK.

After a debilitating illness, Liz moves to the countryside and embarks on a journey to bring life to an empty paddock and to create a permaculture oasis and, in the process, reclaims her health and finds a new career. On less than one acre, Liz and her partner grow most of their food and produce surplus to sell through the local CSA box scheme.

Grounded is an honest and practical guide for anyone thinking of starting a small farm, or transforming an empty patch of garden. The book shares the first five years from the planning and design, integrating small livestock, creating a food forest, listening to nature and learning from mistakes. It’s an invaluable companion for living a simpler, healthier life for yourself and the land.