Rental Retrofits: Lease On Life

With almost one in three Australians now living in rented accommodation, it’s more important than ever to ensure permaculture practices are not just implemented by those who own their own home. Even if you’re renting, there are plenty of simple and reversible things you can implement in your home to reduce your living costs and make positive environmental impacts.

Invert And Convert

Portable solar electricity systems, comprised of solar panels, batteries and an inverter can be installed with very little fuss and are capable of powering many small appliances in modern homes. While the initial outlay can seem expensive, these systems can enable a move away from reliance on the power grid, reducing both costs and carbon emissions.

Thinking outside the square can return great results, too, like using a freezer as a fridge. If you consider how well insulated a freezer is compared to a conventional fridge, and how much less the compressor needs to work to keep the unit at above-zero temperatures compared to the below-freezing temperatures it’s designed to run at, it’s easy to see the energy-saving potential. In most cases, a successful conversion will require replacing the thermostat, so do your research depending on the age and model of your freezer.