2024 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar and Growing More Food Ebook

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The dream of growing more food is a common one for many of us! The thrill of bringing in a basket filled to the brim with homegrown garden produce is one many of us are familiar with during the summer glut – but what if you could have this all year round?

With our 2024 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar and Growing More Food Ebook bundle, you can learn how to get a consistent harvest all year round. The answer lies in the planning. Our Growing More Food ebook  is designed to take you through the steps to plan your plantings so that you are eating from your garden throughout the year. The 2024 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar provides you with all the info you need to get there and a handy place to map and plan it all out.

Whether you live on a suburban block, a small acreage or even if you’re part of a community garden, this bundle will show you the simple, but often overlooked tricks behind growing all your own veg, year round.

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