Current Issue and 2024 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar


The Australian gardeners’ guide to planning, planting and producing.

This bundle includes our current issue of Pip magazine and our 2024 Kitchen Garden Calendar, a must have for every Australian gardener.

The calendar features stunning photography of fresh garden produce that will inspire you to grow your own food and create healthy nutritious seasonal dishes.

With recipes by Stephanie Alexander, Matt Wilkinson, Paul West, Fiona Hammond and more.

It’s the perfect annual resource for vegetable growers, with:

  • Monthly seasonal recipes
  • Information on the fruit and vegetables in season each month
  • A moon planting guide AND
  • The pull out Sow When poster, which details when to plant your favourite vegies across five climates.

Printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks, the calendar is perfect for experienced and newbie kitchen gardeners alike.

Issue 30, the current issue of Pip magazine is packed full of inspiration and information to nourish yourself and the planet. With articles on growing food, improving soil, foraging and preparing seaweed for eating, sustainable homes, self care and all our regular sections on seed saving, Indigenous knowledge our kid’s patch and more.

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