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A NEW LIFE – Restoring tired and broken garden tools into new and improved versions.


It’s pretty common to have a handful of broken, old or rusty garden tools that you’ve vowed to get around to repairing one day. With a bit of elbow grease, patience and creativity, not only can you get them back to good working order, but you just might be able to make yourself a tool you didn’t know you had.

This scenario sees a snapped shovel, a broken short garden fork as well as a pair of very rusty shears that were found in the bottom of an old overgrown garden. But instead of repairing the shovel and fork back to their original condition, the decision was made to use the shovel’s long handle on the head of the garden fork – perfect for a winter compost-turning workout – and set about seeing if those old, but well-made shears could actually be resurrected.