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Look & Listen


This is activist and academic Marcia Langton’s 16th book on Indigenous culture and was produced to help local and international travellers discover important lands and waters, and to do it by making cultural connections through the people who know it best.

An updated and revised second edition of the 2018 release, this 530-page hardcover book not only guides us towards the culturally significant places, events and experiences each state and territory has to offer, but also has a quiet word in our ear about ensuring visitors are respectful and ethical in all situations and dealings.

Split into two parts, Part one, called Introducing Indigenous Cultures, takes the reader on a succinct but important journey from precolonial history right the way through until now and even looking towards the future, putting a framework around the oldest surviving culture on earth and how it has evolved to where it is today.

Covering all sorts of topics in its 15 chapters from racist stereotypes through to ethical dealings in Indigenous art, it’s frank, honest and extremely useful.

Part Two, called Exploring Indigenous Australi