Climate Activism: Find Your Calling

Hands up if you’re feeling a bit helpless in the face of climate change? It seems our governments are doing little to help, our pleas for change are falling on deaf ears; and big business and greed seem to have more say than good people caring for the Earth. Don’t be disheartened though. Activism comes in many forms and there are many ways we can help heal the planet.

Focusing on change at the global level can feel disempowering and may lead to inaction and despair. While for some people, focusing on the global is their calling, we need to find how best we can contribute in a way that calls to our own passions and interests, whether that be reducing plastic, planting trees, growing food, caring for people or creating community.

To find your calling, it helps to connect with nature. When we feel a love for our earth, our soil, our rivers, lakes, animals and people, then we can listen to our hearts and find the place we can do the most good. If we can see the planet and everything on it as deserving of respect – recognising the landscape, plants, animals, insects and other people in their own right and not just for their use to us – then we can ask the questions: How can I serve you? How can I serve the soil? How can I serve the water? How can I be part of creating a healthy and thriving ecosystem?