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In the face of climate change and all that is currently challenging our world, planting and saving seeds to grow food is one of the most powerful actions we can take.

An act of radical hope, it is taking control of how the food you eat is grown, you are actively reducing your food miles and you are stepping away from a system that values profit over the environment.

But you are also creating hope for the future. A future with greater food sovereignty, where food is produced more locally and shared among households, where we aren’t reliant on big companies that are destroying our soils and our environment in a bid to produce food at the cheapest price possible for the greatest profit. Instead, creating a future where it’s possible to regenerate the soil and our ecosystems while we grow food.

Planting seeds can help make our communities stronger. If there is an interruption to our supply chain, like we experienced during the fires and the pandemic, we still have food. We have the skills to collect seed from our own garden to grow more food. There can be thousands of seeds in a single plant, when left to flower and go to seed. Each one of those seeds has the potential to grow a whole new plant. If you have the ability to save those seeds and share them and plant them again to grow more food, think about the security that gives you in the face of an uncertain future.

When the pandemic first hit, after people finished panic buying toilet paper and flour, they then turned to seedlings and seeds realising that being able to grow their own food gave them a greater sense of security.

And planting a seed can be a symbol of hope for the future. For those who are suffering from depression or anxiety or for those who are living in refugee camps, in prisons, or even the elderly, planting a seed gives hope for the future. It is planting something today for tomorrow.

By taking back control of our food systems we are moving away from a system that isn’t caring for our planet or future generations. As Bill Mollison once said, ‘permaculture is a revolution disguised as gardening’.

May your seeds be fruitful,



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