As I write this, fires are burning out of control around the country, lives have been lost, millions of animals have perished, thousands of homes have been razed to the ground and over 8 million hectares of land has burned.

As we hear more and more about the environmental crises around the world, interspersed with the lack of action by our governments or even an acknowledgement of the cause of the situation, it can weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. For many there is a feeling of grief and despair. But through all this we mustn’t forget the positive. In amongst the ashes people are finding a beauty as they come together with their communities to care for one another and work out how best to support each other in this new future.

Let this be the impetus for change. Let this be our call to action. To come together as communities and make this world a better place. We can’t wait for the government to take action, although we need to try to force them to. We can start where we are and do what we can, together. There are many types of activism and we need to find how we can make a difference in a way that speaks to us (Climate activism: find your calling, page 62).