Local Food Systems Thriving In A Crisis

Local food networks have proven their ability to deliver the goods during recent waves of climate shocks and panic buying. With Australia’s food system failing to calibrate in time, to ensure everyone has equal access to the basics when they need it most, local food hubs, such as Food Connect in Brisbane, are ensuring noone misses out on household basics, including toilet paper!

With shorter distances to travel and strong relationships established with growers, a local food system can respond to crises with agility and certainty. Growers know the back roads and can often bypass highway lockdowns with their smaller trucks. The networks established between growers, small transport companies and distribution hubs means they can respond quickly to requests for assistance.

Local Food System Answers The Call

Food Connect – a small social enterprise in Brisbane – has been feeding customers for 15 years. At the same time, Food Connect pays growers their true value of production and has built a secure supply of locally sourced