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Pip Picks: Things We Like


Finally! We have milk being sold in reusable glass bottles. Milk from Shulz Organic Dairy is available from selected retailers and farmers’ markets across VIC, NSW, SA, WA and TAS. The full list of stockists can be found on their website.

The full-cream non-homogenised organic milk comes in onelitre glass bottles that have a $2 refundable deposit. Bottles can be returned to any retailer or farmers’ market stall where they are bought. Shulz did extensive research on the glass bottles and lid type, and estimates that 120 kg of plastic will be saved per week thanks to their 3000 glass bottles.

$6 (includes $2 refund on return of the bottle)


Natural fibres can last a lifetime when properly cared for. With a Woollykins Mending Kit you will have all of the tools and materials you need to care for and mend your quality, naturalfibre clothing and keep it looking beautiful for longer. Darning kits include instructions for three different methods of darning (needle felting, traditional darning and patching with slow stitch), and all of the materials required, from a darning mushroom made from Australian hardwood offcuts to wool, alpaca and linen threads to upcycled wool and linen patches. Also included in each kit are needles (darning and needlefelting), an ecofoam needle felting block and scissors, all packaged in a sturdy kraft box inside a recycled fabric Bento Bag.



All clothes lose microfibres when we wash them. If we’re using synthetic clothes (polyester, acrylic and nylon) then we are constantly washing microplastics into the sewerage system and waterways. Place your synthetic clothes in this high-tech microfibre laundry bag (made of 100% polyamide fabric), then into the washing machine, and this little gem will catch all of those harmful fibres in the corners of the bag so you can dispose of them thoughtfully.

You can also use it for your cotton and woollen clothes to protect them from more wear and tear. Tested at universities and research institutes, the microfibre laundry bag can help you reduce the microplastics that are now being found in marine life everywhere.



Ethical apparel with a message. DISSENTERS are a creative collective that screen-print clothing, textiles and posters with designs that aim to get people thinking. From the treatment of refugees to equal rights and environmental issues, the DISSENTERS are making art about it … art that you can wear. Everything is hand screen-printed with eco-friendly inks on ethical apparel in their Wollongong, NSW studio.

From $15


The 2020 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar has everything you need to keep track of when to grow in your region. Each day shows the phases of the moon and what part of the planting cycle you are in. Included inside the calendar is an A3 ‘sow when’ poster, showing all the climate zones and what to plant in each month. Each month also contains a gorgeous seasonal image and delicious recipe from one of our lovely contributors, giving you new ideas about how to cook up your garden bounty. With recipes and photographs from: Stephanie Alexander, Paul West (River Cottage Australia), Milkwood Permaculture, Grown & Gathered, Penny Woodward and many more.

With this calendar on your wall, you will always be inspired to grow, harvest and cook.



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