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Issue 1 – digital edition



Issue 1 – digital edition


The Mushroom Issue


  • The Many Roles of Fungi by Will Borowski
  • The Age of Food: Healthy, Sustainable, Sufficient
  • Constructing Swales
  • Bamboo in Permaculture
  • Permafund

PROFILES: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Hugh Gravestein, Shanaka Fernando, Nat Wiseman, Claudia Echeverria, Fraser Bailey. ALSO: Turning no-dig gardening on it’s head, House of cupboards, Compost-powered shower, Fermenting for health, Homemade cheeses, Holistic management for life, Natural farming in the family, Declutter your life, DIY natural body products, Green Connect: Nourishing the Community, Permablitz the gong and much more…

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The Duck Issue


  • Permaculture for Food Security and Soverenty
  • Sustainability in Nimbin
  • The Permaculture Story: From rugged individuals’ to a million member movement
  • Permaculture in Aid
  • International Permaculture Convergence 2013 Cuba (IPC11)

ALSO: Starting a food forest. Grow you own shiitake mushrooms. Locavore for a month. Wild weaving. Herbal first Aid. Deep ecology. Swapsies. Greenhouse living. Natural dyes. PROFILES: Adam Grubb, Pamela Forward, Robert Pekin, Richard Telford, Robyn Clayfield and Hannah Moloney.


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