Issue 29 – Print edition


 Issue 29 is packed full of inspiration and information to nourish yourself and the planet. In this issue, we explore:

  • How anybody can grow food no matter where you live
  • Five plants to defy ‘the hungry gap’ of spring
  • How to prepare your soil for the new season
  • Foraging for and preparing seaweed
  • Organ meats: Why the good outweighs the bad
  • A sustainable home built from recycled materials
  • Acres and Acres: The thriving co-op committed to its community
  • Murnong Mammas: How native food is building important Indigenous connections
  • Self-care: The importance of helping yourself

And all our regular sections including seed saving, seasonal gardening advice, kid’s patch and more.

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Raising Backyard Chickens Ebook

Pip’s Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens will show you how to keep a healthy flock of happy hens in your backyard. Using organic and permaculture principles as the cornerstone of integrating chickens into your space, you’ll learn all of the basics of hen husbandry from breed selection, coop requirements, what to feed them to keep them healthy and laying, as well as habits, behaviours and what to look out for to keep on top of common pests and diseases. You’ll also learn tricks from experienced keepers, cost-saving food ideas and even tips on ways chickens can do far more around your patch than simply supply you with a reliable source of organic eggs.

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