Animal Care: Summer Chook Care

The most critical considerations when looking after your flock over the coming summer months are the provision of shade and cool water. It’s also a good idea to keep your chickens’ stress levels as low as possible and avoid handling them.

The Summer Hen House

The chicken house should mimic the forest as a safe and social resting place. Whether you have their coop (or tractor) placed in an orchard or a quiet corner of the backyard, in the height of summer special care of your flock is needed.

Chickens cannot sweat, so create good shade and a place for them to dust bathe. Dust helps them to cool and cleanse at the same time. Watch for signs of heat stress: walking around with their beaks open, holding their wings open away from their body, or lying on the ground with their wings open. Put up beach umbrellas for extra solid shade in the midday sun.