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Issue 32 Flipbook

Issue 32 Flipbook

Pip’s Issue 32 is packed full of inspiration and information to start the new season on the front foot. As well as showing you how to create a diverse living pantry at your place and providing an in-depth guide to pruning fruit trees, we take you into four nonna’s kitchens who share their pasta-making secrets and visit an organic farm in NSW’s Northern Rivers where a shared farming arrangement is creating far more than nutrient-dense food.
You’ll meet an Indigenous woman who makes possum-skin cloaks, learn how to turn your winter produce into delicious dishes and discover how easy it is to make biochar at home. As well as all our regular seed-saving, foraging and how-to guides, we’ll take you on a tour of a small sustainable studio-style home, give you a bunch of tips for growing food in winter and remind you of the importance of allowing yourself the time to rest and recharge.

Issue 31 Flipbook

Issue 31 Digital

Pip’s Issue 31 is packed full of inspiration and information on a diverse range of earth-conscious topics.
Hannah Maloney takes us to the South Australian farm that kickstarted her love of permaculture, learn how to attract native birds to your garden using native plants and hear how a woman is confronting death head-on using family, friends, love and colour.
We dig down into getting the best from your root vegetable crops this autumn and look at the pros and cons of the various ways to keep your patch hydrated. We’ll show you how spices can add warmth and complexity to your favourite desserts and look at the decades-old preserving recipes that have stood the tests of time.
As well as our regular pieces on foraging, seed saving and reducing waste, you’ll tour a sustainably built house that’s home to a family practising intergenerational living and learn how to breathe new life into old furniture.

Issue 30 Flipbook

Issue 30 - digital

Pip’s Issue 30 is packed full of inspiration and information to bring in the productive food-growing season. We share our in-depth guide to growing your pumpkins, squash, melons and zucchinis, we explain the hows and whys of keeping a highly productive worm farm, guide you on how you can be best prepared for this year’s fire season and take you on a tour of a stunning and sustainable off-grid family home.
We take a deep dive into the current state of electric vehicle ownership, inspire you to grow ingredients for refreshing summer drinks and even show you how to harvest and prepare sea urchins, which can help restore ocean ecosystems.
As well as all of our informative regulars, you’ll learn natural ways to keep pests out of your vegie patch, how to save your homegrown garlic for seed, and meet a woman who has finally found the time and space to live the life she’s always dreamt of.

Issue 29 Flipbook

Issue 29 - digital

The winter solstice is behind us, spring is on the way and Pip’s Issue 29 is packed full of inspiration and information to start the new season on the best foot. As well as debunking the myths about soil preparation and showing how everyone can grow their own food no matter where you live, we’ll show you how to forage and prepare seaweed, and visit a group of Indigenous women in Central Victoria building connections through cooking native food.
We’ll take you on a tour of a sustainable forever home built using recycled materials, spell out everything you need to consider when designing a chicken coop at your place and remind you that taking the time to nurture yourself is just as important as caring for our planet. You’ll learn about plants that can feed you when your spring garden is bare, you’ll be inspired by a thriving co-op that grew out of necessity and you just might even be inspired to up your offal game after learning about the sustainable, ethical and cost-saving benefits of this highly nutritious food.

Issue 27 Flipbook

Pip’s Issue 27 is packed full of inspiration and information to nourish yourself and the planet.
We celebrate the traditional passata making day with a how to guide for any sized tomato harvest. We give you a list of things you can be doing now in order to ensure productive vegie yields right through the depths of winter.
Learn how to make a wicking bed to help grow a bumper harvest with minimal watering

Issue 25 Flipbook

Pip Magazine Issue 25 Cover

Our new issue of Pip Magazine features a new cover design and lots of content to help you live a more earth – friendly life. In this issue you will learn how to grow fruit trees in small spaces, harvest wild food from your neighbourhood, implement permaculture design into your home garden, make fermented tempeh from scratch as well as make your own gardening tool caddy.
We also feature inspiring stories from across the country including a garden in Ocean Grove helping with teen climate anxiety, a market gardener growing greens for the people of Alice Springs, an Indigenous weaver and dyer who works with native plants and a hempcrete home build in Tasmania.
Plus all our regular pieces on foraging, seed saving, beekeeping and reducing your impact on the planet