Issue 32 Flipbook

Pip’s Issue 32 is packed full of inspiration and information to start the new season on the front foot. As well as showing you how to create a diverse living pantry at your place and providing an in-depth guide to pruning fruit trees, we take you into four nonna’s kitchens who share their pasta-making secrets and visit an organic farm in NSW’s Northern Rivers where a shared farming arrangement is creating far more than nutrient-dense food.
You’ll meet an Indigenous woman who makes possum-skin cloaks, learn how to turn your winter produce into delicious dishes and discover how easy it is to make biochar at home. As well as all our regular seed-saving, foraging and how-to guides, we’ll take you on a tour of a small sustainable studio-style home, give you a bunch of tips for growing food in winter and remind you of the importance of allowing yourself the time to rest and recharge.