HOME MADE – A sustainable home for intergenerational living

Nestled in the rolling hills of New South Wales’ far south coast stands a solar-passive place that’s home to a family reaping the benefits of intergenerational living.

Home to Honey and Stu and their two kids Ocean (nine) and Forest (four), as well as Honey’s mum Leonie, this home has been purpose built to support the family’s needs and lifestyle.

Seven years ago, not long after the birth of their first child, Honey and Stu started asking the big questions about where they wanted to live long-term. So, with Leonie, they left their home in Far North Queensland, where Honey and Stu both grew up and, with Leonie, headed south.

‘We were realising that as temperatures started increasing with global warming, Far North Queensland was going to be too hot to live,’ Honey says. ‘We specifically moved because we wanted to live somewhere that could handle an increase in temperature.