Five Of A Kind – Sustainable Party Ideas

Birthday celebrations can be a haven for single-use plastics. Between balloons, tableware, decorations and gifts, the landfill created in a single day may far exceed what you’d otherwise create, but often and understandably justified by their once-a-year occurrence.

With the current pandemic upon us, money may be in short supply, but creativity and imagination is as abundant as ever. There are lots of fun and thoughtful things we can do to create a special day for loved ones. Things that not only ensure we’re looking after the environment, but when we may not be able to enjoy traditional large gatherings to celebrate a special day, things that can create treasured and long-lasting memories.

For too long, many of us have associated the price of a gift with how much we care about someone, but in an era where a lot of us have a bit of extra time up our sleeves, and maybe not as much disposable income, creativity should be the new currency.