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Pip Picks: Things We Like



BeeKeeper backpacks help reduce waste by using fabric remnants discarded by local factories that would otherwise be thrown into landfill. For every BeeKeeper backpack you buy, you will send one child in rural Cambodia to English class for one whole year. That is an incredible thing to be able to do for a child!

BeeKeeper’s eye-catching backpacks have these practical features:

  • Secret zip-up compartment at the top, to keep your secret stuff safe.
  • Laptop compartment on the inside.
  • Two front compartments, one with an organiser.
  • Two side pockets that can hold 750 ml bottles.

From $89.



Thunderpants are made from 90% organically grown cotton and 10% spandex to give them that super comfy, soft stretchy feel. Designed for comfort and built to last, they are available in women’s original and hipsters, crop tops, men’s briefs and boxers, and kids sizes.

For every pair of Root Vegetable Thunderpants sold, $2 will be donated to start-up organic community gardens around New Zealand.

From $20 plus shipping



Millpost Merino yarn is spun from Millpost Farm’s best fleece wool, which averages 17.5 micron, and is available in DK (double knit) and 4 ply in a range of gorgeous complementary colours. Undyed hanks are also available for indie and home dyers. The yarn is spun and dyed by Design Spun in Napier, NZ.

Millpost Farm is a broadacre permaculture farm near Bungendore on the NSW Southern Tablelands where they breed superfine Saxon poll merinos. Three generations live on the farm and produce their own food, energy and timber, while also undertaking extensive tree planting for shelter, shade and habitat, and restorion and regeneration of their native grasslands and forests.

50 g Superfine Merino Ball $12.50



Pincinox stainless steel pegs are not only elegant and superiorly crafted but they have been designed to last the test of time. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these pegs are a purchase for life. In a world where products are built to fail and only last for a short time, Pincinox pegs are a refreshing change. If you’re wanting to make your washing line look funky, check out the Brevinox variety. Because of their moving parts they don’t have a lifetime warranty, but are still built to last.

Pincinox 20 pack $34 & Brevinox 20 pack mixed colour $37



You don’t always need to buy things new. There are lots of great ways to upcycle, creating useful products from waste. This DIY seed storage box was made from upcycling an old wooden box that was just the right height to hold seed packets vertically. Three pieces of thick cardboard were cut to size and slotted together to create six small compartments. Adding three simple headings (summer, winter and all year round) allows for easy categorising of seed collections. Decorate with images from your favourite magazine or calendar. To help seeds keep for longer, store them in tiny Ziploc bags within the paper packets and store your box inside your home on the bookshelf.


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