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Almost every day we hear a call for us to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy, with the long-term goal for many being the widespread conversion to a vegan lifestyle. ‘Plant-based’ has become a term so worthy and ubiquitous that many people have forgotten their historic antipathy to an extreme vegan cause.

But what if the statistics driving the plant-based movement were misleading? What if it’s being driven by a coalition of vested interests that includes environmentalists, Big Pharma, Big Food, established dietary advice organisations – even a little-known but rich and powerful religious group with a longstanding commitment to a vegan diet? And what if removing animal foods from our diet posed threats to human health, and a red herring in the fight against climate change?

In The Great Plant-Based Con, Jayne Buxton explores the notion that these what-ifs might actually be real- world actualities and wants to spread the message that being dragged down a dietary road can have severe repercussions for not just our health and wellbeing and that of our children for decades to come, but also for the climate.