TRIED & TRUE – Product tests

We all know the experience of being out and needing coffee, and realising you don’t have a cup on you.

But with everything else in your bag, it isn’t always practical to be carrying around a cup, not when you’re already carrying a drink bottle and all the other everyday essentials. Having to carry too many different reusable items has proven to be a barrier for many when trying to avoid single-use products.

Well KeepCup has realised this problem and created a water bottle that unscrews in half to turn into a cup. Dubbed the Helix range, you can buy just the bottle (and bottle lid), or a kit, which also includes a colour-matched lid for when you’re using it as a cup.

The bottom cup section comes in two different sizes; essentially the difference between a small and large coffee, but both are designed to fit under coffee machine heads. This also results in two sizes of bottle, the small-based bottle has a capacity of 530 ml, or 660 ml for the large.