Planning Your Patch: Useful Bounty

With some careful planning, observation and know-how, you can turn your vegie patch into a productive garden capable of feeding your family every night of the week.

We all want to harvest our homegrown vegetables from our backyard, but ensuring you have enough variety, quantity and consistency all year round can be trickier than it sounds. Whether you’re growing on acreage or a sunny apartment balcony, there are things you can do – and not do – to ensure you’re getting the most appropriate food out of your available growing space.

The important – and difficult – thing to do is to only grow what you love to eat. Then if we think about clever ways to use your available space, how much and how often to plant certain varieties, but also prioritising the things that are expensive to buy and things which are most likely to be sprayed, then the health and financial benefits of homegrown food will be many and varied.