Permafund is the ‘Permaculture International Public Fund’, for tax deductible gifts (donations), run by Permaculture International Limited trading as Permaculture Australia.Permafund has provided much-needed funds towards projects in both Australia and overseas such as: assisting with land restoration, erosion control and vetiver grass propagation in Haiti; communitybased training and earthworks in Kenya; food-growing workshops through the Neighbourhood House in Wodonga, Victoria; and training and support for remote herder communities and livestock keepers in Pakistan. Details of two funded projects are included in the boxes.Permafund is administered by a dedicated group of seven committee members who offer their time voluntarily, and answer to the elected board of Permaculture Australia. The committee was formed three years ago in Katoomba (Blue Mountains NSW) at a gathering titled ‘What does good permaculture aid look like?’ Bill Mollison was fond of saying that permaculture was the best aid program ever invented, so we were curious about what would work.