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Issue 24 Flipbook

What you'll find in Issue 23: Easy home soil tests to help create better soil Learn how to grow your own onions, garlic, leeks and chives Our guide to natural building techniques Get the most from your harvest with root-to-tip eating Make your own waste-free kitchen cloths low-alcohol drinks for better health Meet Indigenous cover artist Cheryl Davison An exploration of modern rituals to get your 2022 off to a positive start. Plus all our regular sections including foraging, garden guides, reducing waste, book reviews, kids patch and more.

Kids’ Patch

Our kids’ patch winners for this issue are Elkie and Kade from Light Pass, SA, you’ve won a Patternation Eco-City magnetic game which lets you design your very own sustainable city! Choosing from 140 tiles, Patternation allows you to incorporate elements such as community gardens, renewable energy, recycling and emission-free transport to create a great place for the community to live.

Botanical Colour: Homegrown Ink

Making your own ink, dyes and art materials from the natural world around you is a deeply satisfying and almost therapeutic process. It not only grows your intimacy with the plants and soils of the place you live in, but also is a far more sustainable art practice, reducing transport, packaging and toxic ingredients.

Indigenous Culture: Dreamtime Stories

Walbunga and Ngarigo
Dreamtime and Creation stories exist to teach people how to look after the land, its creatures and their custodians. But to truly appreciate their significance, we first must understand what is meant by the Dreamtime and the Dreaming.