Tried & True

Electric-powered scooters are still very much in their infancy in this country, but there’s an all-electric brand trying to convince Australians to swap their petrol- powered transport for an emission-free option.

Super Soco is a relatively young Chinese brand which independently designs and develops its own products. In Australia, there’s a small range of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles available and with petrol prices rising sharply in recent weeks, we figured it was the perfect time to put one to the test.

The CPx is one of two scooter-styled machines in the four-model range and is equivalent to a 125cc conventional scooter, so you’ll need a motorcycle licence to ride it. As an aside, the brand offers a cheaper 50cc moped equivalent, which some Australian states and territories will let you operate on a car licence, called the CUx.

The 107 kg CPx’s larger-diameter wheels mean it’s safer and more stable than smaller-wheeled scooters, the non-adjustable screen offers some protection from the elements and, while it’s set up to take two batteries, sticking to a single battery leaves you with some room for some under-seat storage space.


Because the technology still has a long way to go, the battery range falls short of what we might be used to from a six-litre tank of fuel, but if you’re only covering short distances, the zero emissions more than make up for perceived lack of range. It’s charged via a standard 240- volt power outlet, with the charging cord attached directly to the battery (if it’s out of the bike) or into the outlet located below the front of the seat.