Garden Diary: For The Record

So much more than a place to record your successes and failures in the garden, a diary can help you to connect with your patch, understand your environment and maximise your yield.

It might seem like just another task that’s taking you away from the time you’ve set aside to get stuck into your garden, but jotting some things down about what you observe and learn along the way can make a significant difference to how much food you’re able to harvest from your patch.

At the time, certain successes and failures can seem like something you’d never forget, but as each season passes, and new highs and lows occur in your garden, it’s easy for things we learn to slip from our minds over time. So by noting things down – as briefly or elaborately as you like – not only is it making it easier to remember a particular moment in time, but it’s growing our understanding of our gardens and helping us form a deeper connection to our patch.