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Much of Australia’s eastern seaboard has experienced devastating floods over recents months. And while most of us are all too aware of the work required to clean, restore and even rebuild homes and buildings, Pip has received plenty of questions about the impact floods can have on our plants, soils, food crops and animals.

Some of my plants look like they might not recover after they experienced flooding. Is there anything I can do to save my favourites?

Unfortunately, no. As well as nutrients, healthy soil is providing the roots of your plants with oxygen through air pockets within the soil structure. But once soil has been immersed in water for any period of time, all of the air and oxygen is forced out and the root system begins to wilt and die. As well as any unknown contaminants that may have moved into your yard with the floodwaters, the roots systems will not recover, so you’ll need to remove all of the plants and start again.