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Pip Picks – Things We Like



This comprehensive sun-tracking app is the perfect companion when planning your vegie garden, greenhouse or considering solar panels. Using GPS, a magnetometer and gyroscope, the app will tell you the correct solar position and therefore the exact path the sun will take across your yard at any time of the day or year. As well as various other handy features, it shows the sun’s direction in hourly intervals (in a flat compass or augmented reality 3D view), seasonal sunlight hours and sunrise calendar.




Available in two sizes and seven different colours, this unisex apron is one of three gardening-specific garments in a range catering to both gardeners and cooks. Made in Australia from 98 percent organic cotton which is both robust and comfortable, the Dynamic apron features two large front pockets, adjustable straps which cross over at the back and waist straps long enough to be tied at the front.



This Sydney-based company turns single-use plastic bottles into 100 percent recycled sunglasses. Fully customisable and repairable, Good


Citizens sunnies use a modular system, so regardless of the style of frame you choose, all arms and coloured clips are interchangeable. There’s a range of replacement parts available through the website, and everything clips together which means not only is there no metal in their construction, but there are no tools required to fix them. And prescription lenses are available.

From $99.00



This in-ground composting system diverts pet poo out of landfill while improving microbial activity in your soil. To use, dig a small hole (away from vegie beds) and bury the bottomless unit so the top is at ground level. Use the supplied tongs to retrieve your pet’s poo before placing it into the composter and sprinkling with the starter mix. The mix comprises wheat, sawdust, minerals and micro- organisms which is said to both accelerate the breaking- down process and reduce odours.




This handmade rug is called Calming Waters and its design is the work of Bundjalung artist Christine Slabb. Made from 100 percent jute, the flatweave design has a three millimetre pile and is handwoven in India by GoodWeave-certified makers, ensuring no child, forced or bonded labour is used. It’s currently available in two sizes, though custom sizes can be ordered.

‘The waters speak to our spirit and remind us to slow down and enjoy the quieter moments,’ says Slabb.

From $550.00


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