TRIED & TRUE – Product tests

I was immediately attracted to this tarpaulin because it is made of canvas. Most tarps these days are made of polyethylene and over time they get weak and degrade, shedding strips of plastic all over the place as they eventually fall apart.

The beauty of canvas is it is strong and it won’t break down as quickly. And unlike the old blue tarps, it won’t shred micro plastics as it ages. Canvas tarpaulins are breathable and won’t sweat, and they have that beautiful unique smell of canvas, which reminds me of camping as a kid.

The Aussie Gardener canvas tarps axre made of a sturdy 340 gsm canvas so are great to use as covers and as part of your camping set-up. They have reinforced stitching for strength and the larger sized options have double-stitched seams where the canvas is joined together. They are UV stabilised and have anti- mildew properties, too.