TRIED & TRUE – Product tests

There are many different ways to break down organic waste, each with its own nuances. Australian brand Subpod offers a range of easy-to-assemble worm farms that make composting waste and turning it into nutrients you can use to grow food both hassle free and smell free. However unlike homemade or recycled options, they’re pretty pricey and involve a fair bit of plastic.


The main difference between a conventional worm farm and this system is Subpod is an in-ground setup. I was given the Grow Bed Bundle to test which is made up of the Classic Underground Compost Bin ($335.00), which is a two-compartment composter that gets buried into Subpod’s Grow Garden Bed ($165.00), which has an open base to allow the worms in. An aerator tool ($49.00) is also included, and by opting for the $509.00 bundle you’re saving $40 from the combined asking price. The bin itself is a large plastic receptacle that resembles a milk crate with a lid. You place your food scraps directly into the crate, which is perforated allowing your worms and nutrients to travel freely between your food waste and the soil it’s buried in.