ANYONE CAN – Grow your own food

It’s easy to think you need a big backyard, lots of knowledge and plenty of spare time in order to be able harvest homegrown food for you and your family. But by understanding the space you have and what you consume the most of, there’s no reason why we all can’t be reducing our grocery bills with some homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs.

There are so many great things about growing food. Zero food miles, knowing it hasn’t been sprayed, the savings at the checkout and the real sense of achievement that comes with harvesting live, nutrient-dense produce just an hour or so before sitting down to eat it.

There are many things that hold us back from doing it, too. Many people will feel they don’t have the space, knowledge or time required to be pulling out basketfuls of lush homegrown food day after day. And while that might be true, by taking stock of both the space and time you do have, as well what you consume and spend the most money on, there is no reason why you can’t feel the same reward and enjoy the nutritional and cost-saving benefits as the vegie-growing fanatic down the road.