SELF CARE – Wellbeing

An overwhelmingly positive response to Robyn’s honest and revealing feature last issue speaking to the idea that we can’t do it all and that that’s okay got the Pip team thinking about the importance of self care.

In a world where success is often defined by how busy we are, putting aside time for ourselves is difficult when our families, our jobs, our values and our responsibilities are always competing for our attention. And yes, it feels really good when the family is happy, the boss is impressed, there’s bread in the oven and the volunteering you did at the community event was very well received, but at what cost? Our measure of success is all too often what we’re doing for everyone else, which can lead to feelings of guilt or selfishness if we do afford ourselves a bit of time.

But as we at Pip realised when we asked one another what self care means to us, the most important thing is just that; allowing yourself the time and the space in your brain to consciously take a moment and turn some attention and some kindness back towards yourself.