Practical permaculture research is happening on campus at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. Almost 15 years ago, a group of science students initiated the Permalab project – a Permaculture Living Laboratory to raise awareness of permaculture as a solution to many ecological, social and economic problems the world is experiencing.

The project includes a series of research gardens around campus, and a significantly visible area right at the entrance. Coordinated by the Faculty of Science, the projects include herbs, experimental greenhouses, a hugelkultur area, swales and water management, compost and waste management, aquaculture and edible woodlands.

The students collaboratively design, implement and test innovative permaculture solutions in cross- disciplinary projects. They aim to evaluate and create scientific evidence of nature-based permaculture solutions sa well as contributing to the regeneration of the campus.

In addition to the specific university Permalab research projects, every Wednesday people from the university and community come together to work in the gardens and learn about permaculture.