Once again a fabulous publication, I never fail to add to my knowledge base when I indulge in a sit down and immersion amongst these pages.

I picked up an issue from my fabulous local library yesterday and have read it from cover to cover. My purpose for writing is to commend you on the Nurture article It’s okay by Robyn Rosenfeldt (Pip, Issue 28). What you shared here I recognise as hard-earned wisdom through experience. I hope everyone reads it and recognises the life-saving wisdom. I am a nanna of senior years, a lifelong gardener and passionate environmental advocate, and I learned many decades ago how important it is to remember that you can’t do it all. Ever.

And one of the hardest lessons to take on board is that you will never be the perfect parent you envisioned you would be (my parenting journey began in 1980) and that too is okay!