Book Reviews

As we continue to become a more urbanised society, the question of how we can live and eat well in our cities has never been more critical. This collection of real stories explores past histories of urban food production in Australia, plus we hear from current food production innovators on what they’re doing and why. Part One reflects the diversity in urban edible gardens, Part Two acknowledges the important role played by the permaculture movement in training a generation of urban gardeners and farmers, Part Three contains stories that represent the new face of urban agriculture in Australia, and Part Four ties it together with an urgent call for transformative change. This anthology shares the stories of those who have taken risks and learnt lessons along the way. It’s a source of inspiration and wisdom for those wanting to join this important journey to bring back a deeper connection between urban dwellers and their food, for now and future generations. Authors include many of Pip’s regular contributors including David Holmgren, Morag Gamble, Kat Lavers, Hannah Moloney, The Food Forest, Mariam Issa and more.