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Letters To The Editor

Email your letters and photos to editorial@pipmagazine. We’d love to hear what you think of Pip and if you’ve embarked on any projects as a result of our articles. Each issue, one published entrant will receive a limited- edition Pip magazine art print, printed with archival inks on beautifully textured archival 300 gsm rag paper.

Thanks so much Robyn! I absolutely love the magazine. It’s so inspirational and educational and really makes my family and I evaluate our lives and incorporate permaculture, which makes for a happier family. Thanks for this great publication.

Christine Clancy

What a great article [Dreaming Of A House Cow by Emily Stokes, issue #11]—took me back to my youth and milking our very mad cow, moody and violent at times! Still that’s when I learned good cowgirl skills. We locked calves up when we needed milk, so not tied down to a daily chore. But the trick to getting cream was to fetch in a calf and let it suck until the cow did a pee, then haul calf off, and voila, we had cream! We always left a back teat for the calf who then spent the day with mum. I later on had a gorgeous Guernsey cow called Madam and she performed the same withholding trick and the same method as above. Very smart animals!

Loved the first time I’ve read your magazine—so full of information and common sense!

Best regards,

Kris McKeon


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