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Permaculture Around The World


Photo courtesy of the projects

Zanzibar is an archipelago 25 kilometres off the coast of Tanzania, a semi-autonomous region on the East Coast of Africa otherwise known as the Spice Islands. Permaculture Zanzibar is a school to teach practical livelihood skills using the permaculture approach. It is run by a vibrant group of young people who organise workshops, kids’ camps and permaculture school garden programs, train teachers, teach PDCs and are creating a permaculture education garden.

A particularly fabulous program they run is the Fursa Kijani Youth Program, a youth empowerment program to train young Zanzibarians in a four month practical permaculture internship, getting them ready for employment and helping them to start permaculture enterprises— they call it ECOpreneurship. PPIZ accepts long-term volunteers.


Photo courtesy of the projects

SHWARI is working to create a permaculture education and demonstration farm in western Kenya. It is a non-profit community organisation set up by a local resident to address very real and immediate needs. Here there is a daily struggle just to survive—people live on less than a dollar a day, with low access to food, shelter, clean water and education. Monoculture farming practices sidelined the traditional sustainable practices and undermined the land, the economy and people’s health. SHWARI aims to make permaculture education and resources available, to directly help people regenerate the land, grow food and get healthier.

So far, using minimal resources, they have managed to establish a nursery and propagate over 200 000 trees for local revegetation (Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai who started the Green Belt Movement is from this area). They have also helped start 520 vetiver nurseries in people’s homes for soil conservation, created water harvesting projects in 35 neighbourhoods, and started over 500 medicinal gardens too.

This project is so worthy of assistance. All donations for their work are  gratefully received through the Ethos Foundation, the registered charity associated with Permaculture Education Institute. You might also be interested in joining the PDC in the Kakamega region in August 2019.


Photo courtesy of the projects

Amrit Kunja is a pioneering organic farm in Nepal on the slopes above Begnas Lake near Pokhara. The permaculture farm started 30 years ago and has over 500 plant varieties of vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits.

The farm is also a permaculture homestay. The family warmly welcomes people to volunteer and stay with them to learn permaculture, help them with their daily farm work and have an authentic Nepalese experience. You can collect grass for the buffalo, plant and propagate permaculture plants, collect honey, harvest black pepper, learn Nepali language and traditional medicines, prepare local meals, make buffalo butter, go hiking, and swim in the freshwater lake.


Photo courtesy of the projects

The Istanbul Permaculture Collective is an urban permaculture group connecting people and creating positive change in the ancient city of Istanbul, Turkey. They’ve been active since 2013 organising programs that reconnect city people with nature and land, and exploring sustainable ways of urban living. They organise practical workshops, films and community events, permablitz days and a fabulous nature and children’s program.

Interest in permaculture is growing in Istanbul. There is even a rooftop hotel permaculture garden with views of the Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace and Galata Tower. Finding ways to integrate permaculture into everyday life in the growing global urban population is a real priority.


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