Making A Mushroom Garden

Learning how to grow mushrooms from scratch is a little bit like learning a magic trick. And yet once you have the basic skills and principles sorted out, it’s really very doable.

Cultivating mushrooms is an excellent way to vastly increase both the diversity and the nutrition of your homegrown produce. And conveniently, mushrooms can be grown in disused areas with little light, so they slot into a home food system without competing for the same space as your other growing projects.

Blue oysters, garden giants, enokitake, pink oysters, turkey tail, shiitake, reishi, pioppini—a whole world of mushrooms can be grown down the side of your house, the place where not much else grows, as well as in buckets in the empty space under the porch, under your stairs, or even under your couch. Don’t have much light? Mushrooms don’t mind. If they have a stable temperature to grow in and can be moved to a humid environment to fruit in, they’re happy.