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Hello dear readers,

Thank you for picking up Pip.

We are now into our sixth year of publishing, and you know what, I feel pretty proud of that. For those that don’t know, Pip is an independently owned and operated publication running out of the small coastal town of Pambula from a converted barn on our rural property.

We try to practice what we preach and often article ideas come from what we are doing here on our property. We have lots of food growing in the garden, ferments bubbling and fizzing on the bench, and permaculture design systems in place to make our place run smoothly and efficiently.

But don’t get me wrong—we too, like so many of us nowadays, struggle with doing all the things we would like to be doing.

As I write this and finish off preparations to get this issue out into the world, my compost hasn’t been turned, my tomatoes are trailing along the ground unstaked, and my brassica bed has gone feral, providing abundant foraging opportunities for the bees. But it all rolls along and we get done what we can among raising our kids, publishing a magazine and trying to have time to just ‘be’ occasionally.

In this issue we look at electric bikes and the ways in which they offer opportunities for many people to ‘get back on the bike’ who might not otherwise be able to (The Buzz on E-bikes, pg 52). We also look at businesses that utilise bikes as their core form of transport (Pedal Powered Businesses, pg 68). And we have projects you can do around your home and garden, and we explore ideas around building, growing, eating and even ways to clothe your body.

I hope this issue inspires you to do what you can, in the time you have available, with what you have at hand.

Happy reading,



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