Cover Crops: Living Mulch

One way to support good soil is to keep it covered using an organic mulch. We’re all familiar with mulches like straw or woodchip, but the benefit of growing a living mulch also needs to be considered.

Healthy gardens are built on healthy soil. Without it, it’s impossible to create the living and sustainable foundation an abundant garden needs. Mulching your garden provides plentiful benefits. Not only does it retain soil moisture and protect precious top soil, it helps minimise weeds and fosters an active soil ecosystem of microbes, fungi, bugs and earthworms to support thriving, happy plants.

In annual garden beds, it can be useful to have the flexibility to remove mulch at different times of the year, like in early winter or spring when you want sunlight to hit your soil and warm it up. In perennial beds or under fruit trees however, a more permanent mulch can be really useful. This is where planting a living mulch can be a clever solution.