Introduction To Biodynamics

Biodynamics is a method of organic farming that views the entire farm (or garden) as an organism. Biodynamics utilises a closed-loop system where growers aim to produce everything needed by the farm on the farm itself. While this sort of system is used in other organic farming methods including permaculture, biodynamics also incorporates other unique practices. These include the use of specially formulated ‘preparations’ to nourish the soil, planting and harvesting with reference to influences of the solar system and working with natural forces to revitalise their land.

As in permaculture, biodynamics treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as a holistic system. Each part is interconnected with all of the others and the health and wellbeing of each part is important for the successful running of the farm as a whole. With its emphasis on local production and distribution, closed-loop systems and sustainable, ecologically sound practices, biodynamics is a farming method that integrates well with permaculture.