Pip Permie Of The Year 2018

This is our inaugural Pip Permie of the Year Award. We started this award because we wanted to celebrate dedicated people making change in the world with permaculture.


Callum Champagne, Che Hall, John Champagne, Karen Lenehan, Kat Lavers, Kate Venning, Kelly Ryder, Oscar Woods, Peter Axisa, Phil Shanny, Remus Avramides, Tania Brookes, Tom Speldewinde.



Interview by Robyn Rosenfeldt

Aaron Sorensen is our Pip Permie Of The Year for 2018. Aaron’s dedication to permaculture has made a huge impact in the schools he is involved with and the students he has taught. Aaron works with kids, teenagers and adults to teach them how to practically implement permaculture into their lives and gardens. Aaron is creating lifelong learning pathways for students from kindergarten to year 12 with career opportunities at the end.